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Délos - Eau de Parfum

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As the blazing sun melts into the Aegean Sea, the air fills with the intoxicating perfume of indigenous blooms carried by the lazy evening breeze. A divine blend of citrus and musk teases the senses, paving the way to a heart rich in delectable florals and gourmand notes. With each spritz, a captivating rush of fresh flowers envelops the skin, eventually settling into the comforting, earthy tones of iris and musk for a vibrant floral twist.
This fragrance is the quintessence of femininity and allure. It promises an unforgettable encounter for anyone who has the pleasure of its aroma.

Key Benefits
  • Captivating Floral Aroma: A luxurious blend of indigenous blooms and fresh flowers.
  • Citrus Freshness: Invigorating top notes of zesty citrus.
  • Rich Gourmand Heart: Sensuous and delicious floral core.
  • Warm, Earthy Undertones: Deep notes of iris and musk for grounding warmth.
  • Elegant Femininity: Perfectly embodies the essence of sensuality and femininity.
  • Unforgettable Scent: Leaves a memorable impression on all who experience it.
How to Use
  1. Apply to Pulse Points: Spritz the fragrance onto your pulse points, such as the wrists, neck, behind the ears, and inside the elbows. These warm areas help diffuse and amplify the fragrance.
  2. Spray from a Distance: Hold the bottle about 5-6 inches away from your skin when spraying. This ensures the fragrance mists evenly and does not oversaturate any area.
  3. Do Not Rub: After applying, avoid rubbing the fragrance into your skin. This can break down the molecules and diminish the scent's integrity.
  4. Layer Your Scent: For a longer-lasting effect, consider using complementary products in the same scent, as tha body lotion and the shower gel from this line.
  5. Reapply If Needed: Depending on your activities and skin type, you may need to reapply the fragrance to maintain its presence throughout the day.


Delos Eau  De  Parfume bottle front side.
A woman uses the Delos eau de parfume.
A woman holding a bottle of Delos eau de parfume.
A woman holding the Delos eau de parfume.
A woman holding the Delos eau de parfume.
The Delos eau de parfume bottle near the sea.
Délos - Eau de Parfum
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This exquisite fragrance draws its inspiration from the enchanting allure of Delos Island. Nestled at the core of the Cyclades, Delos shines as the Mediterranean's most luminous point, heralded as the birthplace of light itself. In the lore of ancient Greece, Delos was revered as the holiest of all islands. Legend holds that it was here Apollo, the god of daylight, and Artemis, the goddess of moonlight, first entered the world. The scent of Delos captures the essence of sunlight through its aromatic notes, conjuring visions of bodies warmed by the sun, the first light of dawn, and the soft, amber radiance of dusk.

Hero Ingredients

Fragrance Pyramid: Fruity, Floral, Musk

Top Notes:
Mandarin: A burst of zesty and refreshing citrus, infusing an initial burst of energy.
Violet: Soft and powdery, adding a delicate floral touch.
White Flower: Elegant and pure, providing a fresh and clean floral aroma.
Middle Notes:
Pink Pepper: Adds a subtle spicy warmth and complexity.
Geranium: Floral and slightly minty, contributing a fresh and uplifting quality.
Tuberose: Rich, creamy, and heady, offering an intense and luxurious floral scent.
Blackcurrant: Juicy and slightly tart, enhancing the fruity allure with a hint of sweetness

Base Notes:
Iris: Velvety and powdery, giving depth and sophistication.
Amber Tones: Warm and resinous, enhancing the overall depth and richness.
White Musk: Soft and clean, creating a sensual and lingering finish.

Under My Skin

What elements define this luxury fragrance as sophisticated?

The sophistication of this luxury fragrance is defined by its careful blend of high-quality ingredients such as Iris, Sandalwood, and White Musk, which come together to offer a deep, lingering aroma that encapsulates elegance and refinement.

How does the fragrance appeal to the senses?

The fragrance begins with vibrant top notes of Mandarin and Violet, enticing the senses, before transitioning to a rich, floral heart of Tuberose and Geranium, and finally settling into a warm, musky base that leaves an unforgettable impression.

What makes this fragrance ideal for evening wear?

The warm, ambery glow of base notes like Vanilla, Sandalwood, and Amber, combined with the luxurious depth of Patchouli and White Musk, make this fragrance perfectly suited for evening wear, enhancing the wearer's presence with a sophisticated and alluring scent.