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The Project

ARIADNE is a Greek-born concept of high end skin care products that approaches the science of beauty from a more elaborate vantage point: by studying the genetic origins of skin problems, such as aging.

Our target is to formulate products with advanced trans-epidermal delivery systems with the ability to effectively penetrate skin so that selected active ingredients can work at the cellular level.









The Style of the Month

The Style of the Month

“Jewel of Mykonos Glowing Mask”

Pearl powder contains amino acids that are necessary for collagen formation. It reduces skin ulcers, melasma, age spots, dark patches, and sunspots, thus brightening and lightening skin tone. Fuller’s earth is a natural occurring clay that cleanses and tightens pores, reduces inflammation, kills bacteria and microbes, diminishes scars, whitens skin and offers a bright complexion. View product

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Best Sellers

    • Ariadne Diamanti

      With so many brands out there, it is easy to get confused. In the following pages we are proud to present you our research on how nature can be used as a powerful ally in acquiring and maintaining the perfect skin.

      “There is no such thing as bad or problematic skin. There is only skin that eagerly waits for you to provide it with what it needs so that it can reward you with its best appearance. Our goal is to offer products which effectively combine natural active ingredients to produce multi-spectrum formulas.”

      What this means, as you will discover reading our product descriptions, is that each and every product addresses skin concerns from various aspects so that your daily routine is simplified. Rediscover your potential for excellent skin with ARIADNE!

      Ariadne Diamanti


    Opinions and thoughts...

    • Press 1
      “Нас выбирают и рекомендуют эксперты!!! Ksenya Kamanova – шикарная женщина и профессионал своего дела, главный редактор журнала #fashioncollection”
    • Press 2
      «ARIADNE: Η φυσική ομορφιά των καλλυντικών.»
    • Press 3
      «Я подобрала себе сурер гелъ для подтяжки кожи CATWALK LEGS FIRMING GEL! Если честно сказать очень эффективное средство! Скажу просто нужно верить в чудеса! – Клиент из Мармари»

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