Greek Spa Excellence

Ariadne Athens stands out in the spa industry with a unique combination of expertise and innovation, built over more than a decade. Our brand is founded on three core values: cutting-edge skincare solutions, comprehensive training programs for spa therapists, and uniquely Greek spa treatments of exceptional quality. Celebrated for their healing benefits and infused with traditional Greek hospitality, our treatments offer a luxurious and distinctive wellness experience to clients around the world. As a leader in professional spa education, Ariadne Athens is dedicated to cultivating elite spa talent. Moreover, our commitment to incorporating scientifically backed, locally sourced natural ingredients into our products distinctly positions us in the beauty sector.

Premium Quality

Our products are crafted under the rigorous Quality Standard ISO 9001:2008, which compels us to adopt even more stringent quality criteria. This commitment to excellence drives us to continuously upgrade our equipment and processes, aligning with our goals and adhering to EU regulations. Our dedication to quality and innovation has been recognized with numerous accolades, including prestigious awards for the best luxury spa products. This recognition reflects our standing as leaders in the industry and our commitment to delivering superior spa experiences.

Expert-driven Training

At the core of our commitment to excellence are our advanced training protocols, which blend theoretical knowledge, practical application, and cutting-edge technical skills, with a strong focus on meticulous attention to detail. Our comprehensive courses are delivered by internationally recognized Training Managers, who not only bring a wealth of global insights but are also experienced therapists themselves. This blend of expertise and hands-on experience ensures that our trainees receive the highest caliber of education, preparing them to excel in the dynamic and demanding world of spa therapy.

Elevate Your Spa Experience

  • Comprehensive Training & Events:

  • Support Material:

  • Marketing & Online Exposure:

  • Spa Storytelling & Customization:

  • Expert Consulting & Efficient Management:

Refine your team's expertise with our comprehensive training programs and captivate your clientele through exclusive events tailored to showcase your spa's unique offerings.

Equip your staff with a full suite of high-quality materials, including custom uniforms, diverse samples, engaging posters, and practical testers, all designed to elevate service excellence and presentation.

Feature in our digital marketing campaigns and on our spa locator to boost your visibility.

Partner with us to craft compelling narratives that highlight the distinctive elements of your brand and develop customized treatments and wellness menus that resonate with your clientele.

Access our expertise in spa management and operations for optimized performance.

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