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Red Carpet Reed Diffuser

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Celebrate the ancient practice of honor and distinction with our Red Carpet Reed Diffuser. This natural fragrance envelops you in an exquisite blend of citrus, woody, and musky notes. The flamboyant and seductive aromas spread out their aura like a red carpet, twirling and dancing in a superb parade of natural scents, creating multiple emotions.

Red, symbolizing fire, bloodshed, and fury, simultaneously represents love, passion, and warmth. The notion of a red carpet dates back to 458 B.C. in ancient Greek literature, in Aeschylus’ play ‘Agamemnon’. According to Greek mythology, King Agamemnon was “welcomed” home from the Trojan War on a reddish carpet, a “crimson path,” so that, like the gods, his feet wouldn’t touch the bare ground. At the time Aeschylus’ play was written, red was the color of the god and goddess of war.

Bring the essence of this timeless tradition into your home with the Red Carpet Reed Diffuser, and let its luxurious scent honor your space with distinction and elegance.

Fragrance Notes:

Top Notes: Bergamot, Mandarin, Petitgrain
Heart Notes: Fig, Jasmine, Orange flower, Iris
Fond Notes: Sweet Amber, White Musky, Vanilla

Our green and bio-based solvent is aligned with the most restrictive global legislations as well as with environmental needs, in addition to meeting the demands for vegan raw materials. It is biodegradable, it presents a low carbon footprint and is not toxic to humans or to the environment. Moreover, it is low odor, highly soluble and non-flammable, making it safer than other alternatives.

Phthalate free — Paraben free — Synthetic dye free — Formaldehyde free — Vegan friendly — Cruelty free

Size: 250gr / 8.45 fl.oz.

Key Benefits
  • Eco & Vegan Solvent
  • Hand-Blended
  • Clean and Non-toxic Fragrance
  • Elegantly Boxed for Easy Gift-Giving
How to Use

Ariadne Athens diffusers are hand-blended and paired with eight (8) fiber reeds. First, remove the stopper on the jar. Place the fiber reeds inside the jar and arrange them artfully. To intensify the fragrance, occasionally flip the reeds over.


  • Always use your reed diffuser on a stable surface,
  • Place the diffuser out of reach of pets, children, and anything that might cause it to spill over.
  • Keep away from heat, as this will encourage the fragrance oil to diffuse at a faster pace.
  • Do not ingest the diffuser liquid.
  • Do not swallow.
  • Use gloves when discarding used reeds.
  • Do not light reeds.

Duration:6+ Months




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