Greece, Mediterranean Beauty, and Cycladic Art, all combined to create a unique product.

Dive into the enchanting world of Ariadne Athens, where the visionary spirit of Ariadne Diamanti, a chemist turned entrepreneur, blends ancient Greek beauty traditions with modern science. Starting her journey with a Master’s in Polymer Chemistry in Athens, Ariadne was inspired by the mystical allure of natural ingredients such as the prized Cretan Saffron. Through rigorous research and a passion for Greece's rich botanical heritage, she created a unique skincare line that captures the essence of Greek natural beauty. Each product from Ariadne Athens is a testament to the transformative power of these ancient traditions, crafted to nurture your skin and enchant your senses with the legacy of Mediterranean wonder.

  • An iconic moment at Hotel Megatrends in Xenia Hospitality Exhibition: Ariadni's Diamanti unveils the future of hospitality with innovation and luxury, embodying the essence of Greek spa-inspired rejuvenation.

  • Recognized with the prestigious Seven Stars Luxury Spa Award, Ariadne Athens shines as a beacon of excellence in the industry, setting new standards for unparalleled luxury and wellness experiences.

  • Winning the Gold Award in the Best Made in Greece Natural Cosmetics category humbly validates our commitment to excellence and innovation, inspiring us to continue pushing boundaries in the beauty industry.


- By 2015, Ariadne Athens had expanded to Russia and Kazakhstan, forming key partnerships.
- In October 2018, awarded the "Seven Star Luxury Spa Supplier 2018" at the SSLHLA and received the "Signum Virtutis" seal.
- 2018 also saw participation at the Xenia Hospitality Exhibition, with Ariadne Diamanti presenting a new luxury spa concept.
- Expanded into China, Hong Kong, and Cyprus in 2019.
- By 2020, products were available in luxury hotel spas and leading salons across Greece and globally.
- In 2021, launched 25 new products and established partnerships with over 50 luxury hotels and spas worldwide, expanding into the Czech Republic.
- Won the 2022 Gold Prize for "Best Made in Greece Natural Cosmetics" at the Aesthetic Awards.
- In 2023, received three awards from the International Beauty Shortlist and featured in the Oscars® "Everyone Wins" gift bags, with further expansion in the UAE and Saudi Arabia.
- Today, Ariadne Athens is a recognized global brand in luxury hotel spas and prestigious beauty salons worldwide.

The founder Ariadni Diamanti.

Make it happen

"While exploring Greece, my husband and I noticed a gap in the market: there were no luxury Greek spa treatments and products featuring local ingredients. It struck me how visitors to Greece might feel, unable to experience the renowned Greek hospitality in the spa sector, despite the country's abundance of time-tested ingredients and natural treasures.

When I founded Ariadne Athens, many dismissed it as a naive endeavor. Creating a Greek brand and competing in the luxury hotel and spa market seemed futile, especially with well-established international giants dominating. No one believed in a fledgling "Greek Spa Brand."

Today, I am thrilled to announce that Ariadne Athens has emerged as a pinnacle of Greek excellence in luxury spa products and treatments, collaborating with industry-leading establishments."