At Ariadne Athens, we believe that understanding and nurturing your skin as it ages is an art and a science. We're dedicated to transforming the natural aging process into a journey of self-discovery and empowerment. Our unique approach ensures our products not only enhance appearance but also bolster the skin's fundamental health and resilience. Here's a closer look at how our scientifically-advanced formulations are pioneering in the realm of skincare:

Skin Rebirth™ - The Genesis

The A decade ago, Ariadne Athens made history by introducing Skin Rebirth - Miracle Skin Reinventing Gel, the world's first facial serum to incorporate Alkanna Tinctoria. Recognizing the regenerative potential of this timeless herb, we harnessed its unparalleled properties to create a groundbreaking solution for skin rejuvenation. This milestone not only marked our commitment to blending ancient herbal wisdom with modern cosmetic science but also set a new standard for natural skincare efficacy. Over the years, Skin Rebirth has remained a bestseller, testament to its enduring success and popularity. It continues to embody our dedication to innovative, effective, and naturally inspired skincare solutions, solidifying our position as leaders in cosmetic research and development.

Mastic Revolution

Ariadne Athens is thrilled to unveil a groundbreaking development with our patented HydroMastix Solution™, a water-soluble formulation of mastic resin. Extracted from the mastic trees of Chios, Greece, mastic resin is celebrated for its antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory effects. Our patent effectively tackles mastic resin's natural challenge of insolubility. Through a sophisticated solubilization technique, we've managed to dissolve the resin in water, thereby increasing its bioavailability. This enables its use in a variety of skincare products, including creams, serums, and masks. This innovative solution preserves the powerful natural benefits of the resin while ensuring its effectiveness and purity, redefining skincare standards by merging ancient natural remedies with modern technology.

Nema™ - The Thread of Ariadne

After ten years of meticulous research and countless experiments that delved deep into molecular mysteries, a fortuitous breakthrough heralded the creation of Nema™. Guided by cutting-edge scientific insights and the latest technological advancements, Ariadne Diamanti and her dedicated team combined their passion for innovation with rigorous scientific principles, pushing forward until they achieved revelation.
Inspired by the ancient concept of symmetrical beauty, championed by the Greek philosopher Plato, chemists—much like artists—skillfully sculpt and transform their materials. Within the sphere of Ariadne’s molecular skincare endeavor, this artistic manipulation seeks to unlock and harness the potent therapeutic effects of active ingredients. This approach addresses the intricate hallmarks of skin aging, aiming to offer profound rejuvenation and lasting beauty.


At our company, we enhance our skincare formulations by integrating principles of neuroscience. This scientific approach focuses on how the products interact with the skin's nervous system to not only improve skin health but also positively impact overall sensory experiences. By applying neuroscience, we aim to influence the skin at a deeper level, promoting well-being alongside visible improvements. This holistic approach ensures our products do more than just treat the skin—they create an enriching experience that supports both physical and psychological wellness.

Mediterranean Skincare Harmony

At Ariadne Athens, our skincare formulations are deeply inspired by the principles of the Mediterranean diet, celebrated for its exceptional health benefits. Embracing the age-old wisdom that only edible ingredients should touch the skin, we incorporate over 80 natural components into our products, echoing the practices of generations of Greek women. This philosophy is rooted in Greek ethnobotany and extends to sophisticated phytochemistry, utilizing the finest raw materials from Greece and beyond. Our rigorous research process involves screening hundreds of potential ingredients, selecting only those that offer the greatest vitality and resilience. By ensuring that even our preservatives and fragrances are derived from natural sources, we guarantee that our products are not only effective but also safe and sustainable, staying true to our heritage while providing modern skincare solutions.