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Sun-Drenched Body Sunscreen SPF30

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Enjoy the perfect tan this summer with our summer-fragranced sunscreen oil. This SPF 30 broad-spectrum formula is non-greasy and water resistant, leaving your skin feeling silky and deeply moisturised. Ideal for a gradual and deep tan, providing safe and effective protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays. Contains the emollient and nourishing blend of Abyssinica and Carrot oils that acts directly on the epidermis creating a delicate film that imparts comfort and protection to the skin. Its formula is easily absorbed and secures the tan, offering your skin a natural, satin glow without greasiness.

Key Benefits
  • Effective, broad-spectrum UVA & UVB protection
  • Natural extracts for a longer lasting tan
  • Rich in natural antioxidants to protect delicate skin
  • Flawless tan and sun-kissed glow
  • Easy-to-apply formula
How to Use

Apply generously all over the body 10-15 min before sun exposure and reapply frequently especially after swimming, sweating and skin drying. Be aware that sun protection level is significantly reduced by decreasing the quantity applied on the skin.
For external use only.




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Abyssinica oil holds a revered status in Mediterranean mythology and lifestyle, deeply ingrained in ancient traditions and beliefs. Esteemed for its skin-nourishing properties, it symbolizes vitality and beauty in various cultures across the region. Historically, Abyssinica oil was employed in sacred rituals and ceremonies, believed to bestow blessings of youthfulness and radiance. Its medicinal virtues were also recognized, with the oil utilized to alleviate ailments and promote overall well-being. Today, Abyssinica oil remains a cherished component of Mediterranean culture, embodying centuries-old wisdom and offering a holistic approach to beauty and wellness that resonates with both tradition and modernity. In addition to its cultural significance, Abyssinica oil offers notable sun protection benefits, serving as a natural barrier against harmful UV rays. Rich in antioxidants and vitamins, it enhances the skin's resilience to sun exposure, minimizing the risk of sunburn and supporting long-term skin health. This dual functionality underscores Abyssinica oil's holistic approach to skincare, aligning with the Mediterranean ethos of prioritizing both beauty and wellness in harmony with nature.

Hero Ingredients

Abyssinica oil: Locally sourced Abyssinica oil is celebrated for its deeply hydrating properties, effectively softening and moisturizing the skin. Known as a natural "tan accelerator," Abyssinica oil promotes a bronzed complexion while keeping the skin supple, even during prolonged sun exposure. Packed with vitamins and antioxidants, Abyssinica oil aids in maintaining skin elasticity and combating oxidative stress, ensuring a healthy and revitalized complexion.

Carrot oil: Similarly, carrot oil, another locally sourced ingredient, boasts its own array of skin-loving properties. Also recognized as a potent tan accelerator, carrot oil helps achieve a sun-kissed glow while deeply nourishing the skin. Rich in antioxidants, carrot oil aids in detoxifying the skin and protecting it from environmental toxins and free radicals. By infusing the dermis with essential nutrients, carrot oil supports skin health, leaving it refreshed and rejuvenated even after hours spent under the sun. Together, Abyssinica oil and carrot oil offer a comprehensive solution for maintaining radiant and healthy skin during sun exposure, making them essential components of any skincare regimen.

Under My Skin

What are the benefits of using sunscreen oils over traditional sunscreens?

Sunscreen oils offer several benefits over traditional sunscreens, including a lightweight and non-greasy texture that feels more comfortable on the skin. Sunscreen oils can also give the skin a natural glow, making them a popular choice for those seeking both sun protection and a bronzed complexion.

How can I ensure I'm using sunscreen oils effectively for optimal protection?

To ensure optimal protection, it's essential to choose a sunscreen oil with a high SPF and broad-spectrum coverage to shield against both UVA and UVB rays. Apply the oil generously and evenly to all exposed areas of the skin, including the face, neck, and any other areas prone to sun exposure. Reapply the sunscreen oil regularly, especially after swimming, sweating, or towel drying, to maintain its effectiveness throughout the day. Additionally, consider wearing protective clothing, seeking shade during peak sun hours, and avoiding prolonged sun exposure for comprehensive sun protection.

What makes Abyssinica and Carrot oils effective as "tan accelerators"?

Abyssinica and Carrot oils serve as natural "tan accelerators" due to their unique ability to enhance the skin's bronzing process while providing essential moisture, even during prolonged sun exposure. Their blend of vitamins and antioxidants not only promotes a desirable tan but also helps maintain the skin's elasticity, ensuring a healthy glow.