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Our Story

“We are very proud to have introduced to the spa market since 2013,
high-end skincare and luxury spa treatments, made in Greece.”


In 2019 the company expanded to China and Hong Kong while simultaneously establishing a distribution network in Cyprus.

Today, the advanced range of Ariadne Athens skincare products and Signature Treatments are available all over Greece, in luxurious Hotel Spas and leading Beauty Salons, while also adorning some of the most prestigious Spa establishments across the globe.

Ariadne Athens was founded not only as a new groundbreaking skincare brand, but also as an effort to preserve and promote Greece’s heritage. Continuously supporting Greek farmers by purchasing most ingredients locally and manufacturing strictly in Greece, thus, promoting local fair trade.

Each product designed by our company,  is made with care and respect towards each skin’s individual needs, so as to provide our customers with the level of skincare they deserve, while simultaneously creating a lavish and indulging experience.

Ariadne hopes to prove that the efficacy of luxury wellness products and therapies can be based entirely on the power of the Gift of Nature and conform to the highest standards of quality and ethical integrity.

Born in Athens and raised in Kythnos – Cyclades she still loves travelling with her husband and now with their newborn twin boys, spend time with their partners, meeting their suppliers, artisans and people they work with, sharing with them stories and new ideas about Ariadne Athens. 

Due to our hands-on approach when it comes to our cooperation with our partners, Ariadne Athens is frequently entrusted with developing creative Spa menus and solutions for our partners while also offering graphic design and brand development services and advice.


Ariadne Athens is a Greek-born concept of luxury spa skincare and treatments founded by Ariadne Diamanti, a restless Chemist entrepreneur, who identified a gap in the Greek spa industry for a Luxury Spa Brand made in Greece, that would offer authentic Greek treatments and products with instant results and long-lasting benefits.

Ariadne after acquiring her Bachelor of Science Degree at “Chemistry University of Patras”, continued with a Master program in Polymer Chemistry at “University of Athens” in cooperation with “National Centre for Scientific Research – Demokritos”, it wasn’t long until she discovered her passion and instinct for natural beauty which led her founding Ariadne Athens.

She devoted years of research and study to find the most sophisticated and effective combinations of pioneering, natural ingredients like the Cretan Saffron whose beneficial properties were first utilized in our labs as well as other bio-actives from the land of Greece, producing our one of a kind formulas. 

By 2015, the company had already started export activities in north-eastern European countries (Russia, Kazakhstan), generating its first successful partnerships.

In October 2018, the Company was awarded by the Seven Star Luxury Hospitality and Lifestyle Awards (SSLHLA), with the “Seven Star Luxury Spa Supplier 2018” award, receiving the seal of excellence “Signum Virtutis”.

Later that year, our company participated in the “Xenia Hospitality Exhibition”. Ariadne was asked to deliver a speech at the Hotel Megatrends Project as a distinguished expert in order to showcase important aspects of the modern hotel culture. Ariadne’s talk elaborated on the treasures of the Greek land and proposed a new concept for luxury spas.

Seven Star Luxury Spa Supplier Award

Aesthetic Awards 2022

Winning the Gold Award for the Best Made in Greece Natural Cosmetics category in this competition bears testament to the high standards that we’ve set for ourselves. This win confirms that we’re headed on the right path and surpassing the ever changing standards of the beauty industry.

This award is encouragement for us to keep pushing forward with more creativity in future projects. We are also super excited that our Perpetual Youth Elixir Serum has been awarded the Silver Aesthetic Award for Best Anti-pollution Product.

“There is no such thing as bad or problematic skin. There is only skin that eagerly waits for you to provide it with what it needs so that it can reward you with its best appearance.”

– Ariadne Diamanti
Make it happen

“Travelling around Greece, my husband and I, realized that we couldn’t find Luxury Greek Spa treatments and products inspired by local ingredients. Then, I started wondering how the tourists may feel, when they could not find that famous Greek hospitality in the spa sector, even when Greece is known around the world for its plethora of time-tested ingredients and natural treasures.

When I first founded Ariadne Athens, a lot of people told me that it was a silly idea, creating a Greek brand and trying to enter the market of luxury hotels and spas, while most brands operating already in the market, were leading international companies from around the world.
Back then, no one had faith in a startup “Greek Spa Brand”.

Now, I am proud to say that Ariadne Athens has been established as one of the highest-quality Greek companies specializing in the field of luxury spa products & treatments and cooperating with industry-leading establishments.’’   

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