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Spa Islands

With the unique treasures of Greece

Ariadne Athens presents the new series of 100% Natural Professional Masks – SPA ISLANDS, inspired from the Greek Islands and the traditional goods that their land produce. Mastic Drops from Chios, Acorn flour from the forest of Kea, Roses and Mediterranean Coral from Rhodes, Volcano mud from Santorini, Bee hive extracts such as Royal Jelly, Honey and Bee Pollen from Crete and Wheat proteins inspired from Windmills of Mykonos are a few from the plethora of pharmaceutical plants and treasures from the gifted earth of Greece.


Jewel of Mykonos Glowing Mask


Cretan Queen Hydration Mask


Absolute Purity of Chios Enzymic Peeling Mask


Kea Sea Breeze Calming Mask


Rhodes Mediterranean Coral Scrub


Santorini Goddess Body Slimming Mask