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The Importance of Raw Materials

Combining the benefits of powerful natural ingredients, advanced technology and ancient knowledge, create new advanced formulations based on pure, fresh and edible ingredients. Edible raw materials, such as the Greek royal jelly, propolis, chlorophyll, lemon fruit water, melon extract, cinnamon, lime, mint, sesame oil, sea buckthorn, olive and almond demonstrate the purity and the excellent quality of ARIADNE products. The floral waters and fruit hydrosols we use are 100% pure, fresh, concentrated and microfiltered with a pore size of 0.2 microns for optimum purity to be microbiologically safe. For example, to produce 1 liter fruit water, more than 1 liter of lemon juice is required. This ensures a high concentration of aromatic compounds and is a guarantee of quality. Vegetable oils are received from oil fruit seeds such as olive, by mechanical cold pressing, at low temperatures, below 27°C. The oil derived from cold pressing contains all the components and maintains all beneficial properties for health and beauty. Vegetable oils, cold pressed, are non-comedogenic and are absorbed immediately from the skin.

Essential oils of our cosmetics are organic or wild, verified biochemically and botanically with 100% purity that allows to know the exact origin and composition. This ensures full efficiency. Received in most cases by steam distillation of aromatic components of the plant, the exceptions are citrus fruits that give us essential oils with mechanical extraction of the peel of the fruit.

The composition in biochemically active molecules depends on the essential oil, and is the one that determines the properties and the effect of essential oils on our skin.

The natural fragrances are 100% pure compositions of aromatic extracts and provide natural freshness in our skin care products.

The natural emulsifiers from wheat proteins and coconut used in advanced formulations of our cosmetics, create a network of liquid crystals and have a high compatibility with the human skin. So, give to the cosmetics the ability to be fully absorbed by the skin and nourish it deeply.

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