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Cycladic Art Mug

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The anthropomorphic design of our unique cup bridges the gap between contemporary ceramic art and ancient inspirations. Each piece is meticulously shaped by hand using high-temperature beige sandy clay, giving it a natural, organic feel that resonates with authenticity. A standout feature is the cylindrical "earring" in the ear—serving as a handle, it adds a touch of uniqueness and authentic beauty to the design.

We craft beautiful home and lifestyle products, working closely with artisans across Greece. We blend timeless design with traditional craftsmanship and natural materials to create items that tell a story. The skills of our artisans, passed down through generations, are celebrated and preserved in each piece. Our commitment to this age-old craftsmanship aims to keep these precious traditions alive. The unique character of each handmade product sets us apart and embodies our love for authenticity and quality.

Due to their handmade nature, our ceramics may exhibit slight variations, which we cherish as they highlight the personal craftsmanship involved in forming and finishing each piece.

Dimensions: D 10,5 cm x H 10 cm

Key Benefits
  • Unique Design
  • Handcrafted Artistry
  • Eco-Friendly Materials
How to Use

Coffee Sipper: Perfect for your morning or afternoon coffee ritual.
Tea Time: Enhance your tea experience with this uniquely designed cup.
Decorative Piece: Display as an artistic accent in your home or office.
Gift Item: Give as a thoughtful and distinctive gift to a loved one.For care, hand washing is recommended to maintain the integrity and beauty of each cup.

For care, hand washing is recommended to maintain the integrity and beauty of each cup.




A Cycladic Art Mug front side.
A Cycladic Art Mug in details.
A Cycladic Art Mug side view.
A Cycladic Art Mug top view.
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  • Local sources

    We source from Greece’s richest and purest ingredients.

  • Timely delivery

    On-time delivery, every time, right to your door.

  • Eco values

    We craft our products according to EU environmental Standards.

  • Premium quality

    We have a pioneering and scientifically-advanced approach.